Miriam Rieck,LMT


I have had massages before and I have benefited from their therapeutic effects, but I have never experienced a couple’s massage. I wasn’t even sure if my partner would agree to the idea when I proposed it, but I was pleasantly surprised with their acceptance.

From the moment I stepped into Miriam’s private home studio I was comfortable. Miriam made sure we both understood what to expect and once we had both assured her that we were comfortable, she left the room so my partner could prepare to be the first on the table.

What I experienced over the next hour was far more than a massage. Miriam helped my partner and me to understand each other’s bodies. She helped identify areas of stress and how that stress manifested itself on our muscles and joints. Then, with Miriam’s knowledge and patience my partner and I learned how we could touch and massage each other to bring about relaxation and personal connection.

I walked away from our session feeling relaxed, content and totally connected to my partner. We are both so interested in continuing to expand on what Miriam taught us that we are looking into the purchase of a massage table. I’m not sure that my therapeutic abilities will ever rival a seasoned professional massage therapist. What I am sure of is that in the days and weeks that have followed our session with Miriam that the passion generated between my partner and myself has never been greater. 

Thank you Miriam for your help in opening a new and exciting door.  



I came into her studio with a Chronic Issue. I kept getting a pinched nerve in my left arm. She referred me to a Chiropractor and for the last two months I have been alternating between my Chiropractor and Miriam to adjust my spine, and adjust tight muscles. The combination of warmth, gentlenss and attentiveness to detail has brought me a great deal of relief. I am so grateful I found her and I would highly reccomend her to anyone...in fact I refer my friends to her.



Miriam is the Queen of Bliss. I leave her table every single time feeling completely relaxed and recharged.



I am so grateful I found Miriam, I had a surfing injury and it left me with inconsistent pain. She felt that I needed to get to the "core" of my issue and I am now seeing a chiropractor as well as another massage therapist who practices Aston Patterning AND Miriam so that we can bring this issue to a close once and for all. Her lack of "ego" and the level of concern for my permanent well being is a refreshing change.



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